Rusty Brown Shines On Tristen Wikel!

Rusty Brown Shines On Tristen Wikel!


Rusty Brown Jewelry has been making heirloom quality jewelry pieces for 44 years, celebrating the hard work, passion and dedication it takes to be a cowgirl. Since its inception in 1977, Rusty Brown has had the honor of knowing some of the strongest and most successful women in the horse world. Today Rusty Brown Shines On Tristen Winkel for her dedication to her family, her horses, and the Arabian Breed.

RBJ: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

TW: My name is Tristen Winkel. I live in Scottsdale, Arizona on my family’s ranch and I own Arabians, Half Arabians and Quarter Horses and compete in Arabian breed shows as well as cowboy mounted shooting. Outside of the barn, I am a contract writer for

RBJ: How did you get started with equestrian sport?

TW: I have always enjoyed showing livestock and got my start with sheep. Then, seven years ago after winning showman of showmen at my local 4H fair, I had the opportunity to show a horse and I fell in love. About 5 years ago I got more serious about riding and showing. Over the last 5 years I have won 29 National Championships and 16 Reserve Championships in my youth career. For the last 2 years I have been training my own Arabians for multiple different disciplines including: Hunter Pleasure, Western Pleasure, English Pleasure, Country Pleasure, Equitation, Showhack, English Sidesaddle, Native Costume, and Halter. I have now begun to switch my focus to Mounted Pistol Shooting.

RBJ: Who has helped you along your journey in the horse world?

TW: My parents have always been my biggest supporters. They uprooted our lives to move to Arizona and allow me to be homeschooled in order to show my horses in the US and Canada. My horses have also been my biggest inspiration. SA Kappuccino, Appropo, Sombra Do Pai, Dauntless and Cesari PE all hold very special places in my heart. I also just bought a new mounted shooting horse named Louie. The second I met him I knew he was special and that he had to join my herd.

RBJ: Tell us about the challenges you have overcome in this sport.

TW: One of the biggest challenges I have faced is finding the right trainer match for me. After struggling to find the right match I began training and caring for my own string of horses. It has created a new set of obstacles, but it has also taught me so much about myself, and my horses.

RBJ: What makes Rusty Brown Jewelry so special to you?

TW: Rusty Brown Jewelry really speaks to the heart of an equestrian. The quality and timeless styling and designs perfectly represent our sport.