Rusty Brown Shines On Jamie Samples!

Rusty Brown Shines On Jamie Samples!


For 44 years Rusty Brown Jewelry has celebrated the hard work, dedication and passion of equestrians by crafting heirloom quality jewelry. The company wants to showcase the strong and successful women of the horse industry by shining a spotlight on them. Today Rusty Brown Shines On Jamie Samples.

RBJ: Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Samples: My name is Jamie Samples. I am the CEO of Yellow Barn Media which is a marketing firm specializing in digital marketing for the equine industry. I live in Howell, Michigan on a small hobby farm with my husband, Eddie, our 7-year-old Edison Clark, 2 horses, mini donkey, 2 dogs, 8 cats, 40+ chicken and 2 rescue turtles.

RBJ: Tell us about your riding inspiration both when you started, and today.

Samples: I can’t ever remember not riding or being around horses. My mom is an incredible horsewoman and introduced me to them. I loved horses from the start and wanted to be just like my mom. I was fortunate to get my start as a young rider on my mom’s very first pony, Jasper.

Now that I have a family, a farm and a business I trail ride with my mom and son, along with a handful of friends. Seeing my son enjoy his time on the trails the way I did as a kid has been one of my greatest joys as a mom.

RBJ: Tell us about some of your biggest accomplishments in and out of the saddle.

Samples: I have a very successful business and for that I am grateful. But my professional accomplishments pale in comparison to the adoption of my son. My husband and I were foster parents and were incredibly blessed to meet our sweet boy when he was 4 days old. Right after his first birthday, he officially became a Samples!

As a teenager I went to the World’s All Breed Youth Show with my Appendix Quarter Horse, Jay. My classes were large and full of great competition, my horse felt good and I rode well, but did not bring home a ribbon in any of my classes. Despite that, I felt like I was winning. I persevered and ended the weekend winning the World’s All Breed Youth Show Sportsmanship Award out of over 800 exhibitors. That award, and the lessons learned with it that weekend meant more to me that any other ribbon or high point title I earned.

RBJ: What does Rusty Brown Jewelry mean to you? 

Samples: It means empowerment and accomplishment. I came across the company a few years back, and had been eyeballing the shod hoof necklace ever since. I told myself that once I hit an upcoming goal in my business, I would buy myself the necklace as a reminder that, as my son would say, I can do hard things! In February 2021, I surpassed my goal and I ordered myself the necklace. I’ve been wearing it ever since!